Womens Sportswear and Today’s Trendy Styles

Womens sportswear | Ryderwear has come a long way from its origins. Traditionally, womens sportswear was clunky and constricting. Their movement was limited, and the clothing impeded their athletic performance. In the 1950s, women’s sportswear gained popularity as designers began to focus on functionalism, comfort, and good looks.

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Today, there are many specialty lines of athletic apparel for women. Many brands are also consciously catering to their female customer base. Many are taking a stance against the male-dominated sportswear industry. For example, Athleta recently signed a professional tennis player, Allyson Felix, as their first athlete. She previously criticized Nike for its treatment of pregnant women, and the two have since collaborated on a new line of athletic apparel.

While most women use womens activewear for workouts, most are comfortable and use it for everyday activities. They also wear athleisure for work, shopping, and travelling. However, only 3% of women wear activewear purely because they think it looks good. But thanks to a number of celebrity endorsements and social media success, athleisure is increasingly becoming fashionable.

From pre-sportswear to today’s trendy styles, sportswear has contributed to the history of fashion. It has introduced new styles and opened up discussions about gender rights. It also empowers women.