What is a Platform FX?

platform fx

A best uk investment apps fx is the software that brokers provide to their clients for access to the Forex market. It is usually a web or desktop application that allows customers to monitor real-time streaming quotes, orders and account management functions. Brokers either lease existing trading platforms or develop their own, often incorporating advanced tools for trade execution.

The most popular Forex trading platform is the MetaTrader (MT4), developed by MetaQuotes Software. This free trading software has been in use for nearly a decade and is a leading choice among retail traders. It has a wide range of advanced features, including built-in quoting tools, an asynchronous order processing engine, Level II quotes and advanced order types, such as Good ‘Til Cancelled and Fill or Kill.

Demystifying FX Trading Platforms: A Comprehensive Guide for Aspiring Forex Traders

Another popular platform is fxTrade, which was designed to cut down on FX and CFD related costs and boost trade execution speeds. It is offered as a JAVA based web application, desktop platform and mobile app and can be used with a range of currencies and instruments. fxTrade also offers several automated trading tools and has been praised for its high trade execution speeds.

Bloomberg’s FXGO platform is a comprehensive foreign exchange trading solution offering buy-side and sell-side functionality, a global pool of liquidity and post-trade reporting. It also integrates with a broad array of trading systems and provides a suite of automation tools, including API trading, TradeBest and Rule Builder for FX. To address geographic latency challenges, Bloomberg has boosted its FXGO offering by adding a local liquidity hub in Singapore and has increased the number of liquidity providers available on the platform as well as improved its RFQ capabilities for NDFs.