The Importance of Solo Travel Insurance for the Sole Proprietor

lone worker safety

A lone worker safety device is an inconspicuous and unseen tool, device or program that allows for safe communication with contractors, self-employed workers or at worst, emergency services personnel. These devices allow even the seemingly unsociable workers to keep tabs on their surroundings, thereby allowing them to safely complete work on time, under budget and within any given timeframe. If there is ever an emergency, the communication systems installed will immediately alert the person or department that has been designated to handle such emergencies. Lone worker safety devices to protect workers from mishaps such as fatigue, stress, noise or violence. The devices will alert the appropriate departments and the workers themselves, and even offer round the clock safety monitoring services.


These devices are available in numerous varieties, with many of them designed especially for sole employment or for lone workers. One such device is the handheld domino device which is specifically designed for use by lone workers who travel alone, either on assignments or for short periods of time. This device is fully wireless and allows for convenient communication between the worker and the authorities. In order to activate this particular device, the worker simply puts his hands into the circular ring worn on the device and then touches a sensor panel. Once contacted, emergency and police services are alerted immediately.


A similar but more extensive application of the lone worker application occurs through the use of the StaySafe app. The StaySafe app is an iPhone and iPod app, which is designed for sole employment and allows for workers to keep track of their daily lives through the use of GPS technology. The location of each worker is monitored through the GPS feature of the app, which enables him to check in on his place of employment or virtually anywhere in the world. From checking e-mails and scheduling his day, the worker can easily do everything he needs to do to ensure that he remains safe and alert throughout his working life. If a worker’s location is constantly changing, the stay-safe app makes it possible for him to check in on his location using his own cellphone or any other device of his choice.