Restored Defender Restoration

The Land Rover Defender is a timeless classic, and there are a number of companies out there that are dedicated to restoring and modifying these rugged off-roaders. These vehicles are often modified with modern features and comforts, as original owners could only dream of back in the day.

Is the new Defender engine from BMW?

One company based in the UK has been transforming old Defenders into bespoke, hand-built adventure vehicles for the last 16 years. Arkonik has delivered more than 400 examples of these bespoke builds worldwide. URL :

A team of seven Land Rover whisperers specializes in these vehicles and they have a wealth of experience restoring and rebuilding the Defender from a number of different platforms.

The X Member

The rear X-member of the Defender is often the first area to start to rust, especially if it has been stored in an environment where moisture and salt have built up. This is a relatively complicated shape made up of different layers of metal, and where it meets the chassis & firewall there is no paint to keep the moisture out. The aluminum can easily corrode in this environment due to galvanic corrosion, where the iron from the frame corrodes the aluminum on the outside of the vehicle causing bubbles under the paint.

The front X-member of the Defender is also susceptible to rust, where it meets the chassis & firewall there are many cavities & layers of metal that trap moisture & salt in between. The front X-member can be sand blasted, painted under coat & waxoyled for additional protection.