Passover Programs

Pesach (Passover) is a busy time for families. It requires a lot of cleaning and cooking. Many people opt to stay at a Passover Program where they are given a place to stay and all meals are provided. Many of the tour companies that run Passover Programs rent out a whole hotel or resort or will offer a private villa within the resort and include meals in the price of the trip.

Most of the programs have Rabbis on site and hold daily minyanim, shiurim and lectures. They will also provide for the kosher needs of their guests such as providing gebrochts and kitniyot. They will also work with the hotel or resort to make sure the staff is aware of all that has to be done before and during Passover. This link

How Passover Programs Have Adapted to COVID-19

The programs will usually have children and adult programming including day camp, teen programming and evening entertainment during chol hamoed. They will have activities such as water sports, golf, hiking, spa treatments and more.

When choosing the right Passover Program it is important to look for one that fits your family’s needs. If you have medical needs or food allergies make sure to mention those when registering for the program. You also want to check out what type of Kashrut they offer. Some programs have a mashgiach on site to supervise the kitchen and some will serve gebrochts while others don’t. It is also important to find out if they have a 24 hour tea room and poolside lounge.