Land Rover Off Road Capabilities

If you live in Greenwich or New Canaan and have an interest in goin land rover off road off  there’s no better car than a Land Rover. They’re designed to tackle some of Earth’s most rugged terrain, and are perfect for taking on everything from high mountain passes to marshy waters.

Off-road Capabilities: Traction Control, Hill Descent Control, Terrain Response (r) and All-Terrain Progress Control

Unlike many other brands of off-road vehicles, Land Rovers are built with a variety of features to help you conquer the roughest conditions. These include traction control, hill descent control, and Terrain Response technology, which allows you to adjust your drive mode to suit a wide range of climates and surfaces.

Conquering the Wild: Land Rover Off Road Adventures

All-Terrain Progress Control, or ATPC, is a patented tech that allows you to use your gearshift paddles to set a desired speed and the system will direct power to all of your wheels automatically, keeping you at a constant speed while you concentrate on steering.

Wade Sensing

The new Defender 110 uses a unibody platform to give it calm and controlled road manners, but it also provides the most rugged off-road ability of any Land Rover. The unibody is also the basis of a magnesium beam running across the dash, which plays a structural role in giving the Defender the extra stiffness that makes it more capable on the dirt.

If you’re interested in learning more about your vehicle’s off-road capabilities, contact our team at Land Rover North Scottsdale and schedule a test drive today! We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have and look forward to helping you find your perfect Land Rover model.