IPQS Fraud Intelligence

IPQS fraud intelligenceIPQS provides fraud intelligence to help identify and stop spam, click fraud, bots, and other malicious traffic without interrupting the user experience. It detects and scores users, devices, payment details, and more using cutting-edge blacklists, risk analysis, and 12+ years of data synergy. Source :read more

Easily detect abusive users and fraudulent payments with real-time scoring & analysis. Fraudulent clicks, account creations, and other fraudulent behavior cost performance marketers billions of dollars each year and are the primary cause for chargebacks, fake app installs, and fraudulent CPL lead generation.

IPQS offers a range of additional features including:

User, Order, & Transaction Scoring – Scores a wealth of user and order information including device & email address, IP address, phone number, and physical address to predict whether a person is a high-risk fraudster. This feature also identifies and flags disposable phone numbers and emails to improve the detection for fake leads in CPL lead generation programs.

The IPQS Threat Network – The largest and most advanced threat network in the world that detects sophisticated bad actors globally in real-time. It is powered by IPQS’s unique data synergy of more than 10 years and includes global blacklists, a comprehensive collection of IP intelligence, and advanced residential proxy detection.

The “fraud-check IP address [IPQS]” Transform retrieves an IPQS fraud score for the given IP address and displays it in the Detail View. A fraud score of 85 or higher is the ideal threshold to consider an IP address as high-risk and block a click, registration, or transaction.