How to Choose a Top Water Softener For Residential Use

One of the most powerful top water softener on the market is the Aquasana EQ-SS20. This unit is designed for medium to large homes and is a value for money option. It removes 97 percent of chlorine per million gallons and can also remove heavy metals, pesticides, and industrial chemicals. It can be used by households of up to six people and is NFC certified.

What is the average cost of a whole house water softener system?

The typical occupant of a household uses 80-100 gallons of water daily. If you have five people in your household, you will need about 3,150 gallons of water per week. That is why the best water softener for residential use should be able to handle high usage.

If you’re looking for a salt-based softening agent, Morton sodium chloride pellets are a good choice. These are harvested from sea water and are made of extra-coarse salt. They help improve the quality of water in the shower and sink, and prevent scales and rust from forming in valves and pipes. Another bonus is that this type of salt also helps improve the lather of soap.

There are a few different types of salt you can choose from. The purest form is evaporated salt, and it’s also the most expensive. The higher the purity, the better. It’s also more soluble, and less likely to cause mushing and bridging. Another option is potassium chloride, which is 99.9% sodium-free and widely available.