Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Chemical

carpet cleaning chemical

Choosing the right carpet cleaning chemical | TMF Store is essential for maintaining healthy indoor air. This is why many property and facility managers choose to avoid traditional commercial carpet cleaners that use toxic ingredients similar to those found in dry cleaning products.

There are a number of health risks associated with these chemicals, including headaches, sneezing, irritation to nose, throat and lungs, asthma attacks, coughing, congestion and fatigue, among others. Non-toxic alternatives to these products, on the other hand, reduce indoor air pollution and create a healthier home environment for people, pets and the planet.

How to Select the Right Cleaning Solution

When it comes to picking the right cleaning solution for your carpet, it is important to understand that different types of fibers have differing tolerances for different pH levels. While synthetic fibers can generally tolerate solutions with a pH of 0 to 10, natural fibers are more sensitive, so you’ll want to be cautious when picking a cleaning solution for your carpet.

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Carpet Cleaning Chemicals: Tips from the Pros

How to Choose a Safe Carpet Cleaner

There are many different types of carpet cleaning chemicals, each with their own purpose. Some are a good choice for general soil removal while others are more effective for spot and stain removal.

How to Pick the Best Product for Your Needs

Professional carpet cleaners often use a combination of products that vary in pH to remove the general acidic soil and staining from their customers’ carpets. They also have specialized products that they use for traffic lanes, pre-spray and odor control. These products can be confusing to select because they all have their own specific purpose.