Choosing a Pie Carrier With Handle

Choosing a pie carrier with handle is a great way to transport your favorite baked goods. It also helps protect the crust and filling from damage in transit.

Whether you’re bringing your favorite pie to a potluck or a family dinner, a good pie carrier can make the process much easier. Unlike paper or foil wrap that can be difficult to remove, these carriers cradle your pie in place and keep it safe from crumbs, squished filling, and other damage. Learn more :

Best pie carriers with lid:

A lid is a key component of any good pie carrier, especially if you want to transport pies that are domed or filled with toppings like whipped cream or meringue. Look for a lid that’s tall or domed enough to fit large pies, and that opens fully to allow full access without damaging the pie surface.

Top-handle pie carrier:

A pie carrier with a top handle can be particularly handy when you’re transporting multiple pies to a party or event. It also allows you to lift your pies without compromising their shape or integrity, and it makes it easier to carry the pie carrier with both hands.

Most pie carriers with a handle are made of durable plastic, and some are even BPA-free. Some are also dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.

Top-handle pie carrier with base:

Some pie carriers have a base that can be molded to hold a pie plate or pie pan, and others can be used as a serving tray when the lid is removed. Some pie carriers with bases are non-slip or grippy to minimize movement while transporting the pie, and some are collapsible to save space when not in use.