Boric Acid Supplements For Bacterial Vaginosis

Whether you have a history of BV or are just looking to prevent it, there are a number of home remedies that can help. These include boric acid supplements for bv. However, it’s important to discuss your options with a doctor.

How long does it take boric acid to cure a yeast infection?

Bacterial vaginosis is a very common infection. It causes irritation and swelling in the vagina. This can lead to sex discomfort and urination pain. It can also increase your risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Often, doctors will prescribe antibiotics to treat BV. Antibiotics will clear harmful bacteria from the vagina. However, they are not always effective. This is especially true for recurrent infections. For recurrent infections, doctors may prescribe boric acid supplements. This is a safe alternative to antibiotics. However, more research needs to be done to determine whether boric acid supplements are effective for BV.

Boric acid suppositories are vaginal homeopathic remedies that may help with BV. They contain boric acid, a mild antifungal. They can be used for up to twelve weeks. They are designed to be used in conjunction with a regular antibiotic. Using boric acid with antibiotics may increase its effectiveness.

Boric acid supplements for BV are used to treat minor symptoms of bacterial overgrowth. The supplements contain boric acid, which can help restore a healthy pH balance in the vagina. It can also help remove bacterial mucus from the vagina.

Boric acid can be purchased over the counter. However, it should only be used as a vaginal suppository after being prescribed by a medical professional.